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“A joyous, uncanny and entertaining narrative of women who trace a path for themselves in a man’s world, very well-illustrated and researched.” – Shortlisted for the Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish Literature, 2016

“This is an important story of a remarkable woman whose push against the established norm led her to form one of the most remarkable music ensembles of the mid-twentieth century. From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall is highly recommended for all Canadian libraries …[It] should be required material for courses in Canadian social history.” --Canadian Association of Music Libraries

“Meticulously researched and written in an engaging style. A valuable contribution to the history of women in music and music in Canada.” –The Kapralova Society Journal

“The book is impressive, and would make an excellent gift for aspiring young musicians.” –Winnipeg Free Press

"Noriega Rachwal tells the story of Stark and her orchestra with unbridled enthusiasm and an abundance of facts, quotes and conversations. From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall is an engaging monograph about a unique chapter of our cultural history.” Herizons Magazine

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The all women's symphony-orchestra that revolutionized music.

In 1940 two extraordinary women, meeting over tea at Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, changed the face of classical music forever, by agreeing to create the first all women’s full symphony orchestra. 

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